Minnie Mouse Forever Latex Confetti Balloon, 6ct

Minnie Mouse Forever Latex Confetti Balloon, 6ct

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Complete your little one's Disney birthday decorations with Minnie Mouse Forever Confetti Balloons! These clear latex balloons feature Minnie Mouse's face, and three are filled with confetti. Use them alone or add foil balloons to create your own Minnie Mouse balloon bouquet!

Minnie Mouse Forever Confetti Balloons product details:

  • 6 per package
  • 3 balloons include 1g confetti each
  • 12in tall when fully inflated

Tips for Inflating Confetti Balloons:

  • Inflate the balloon with air to your desired size
  • If using helium, partially fill the balloon leaving room for a few puffs of air to finish it off
  • Rub the outer surface of the balloon with your hands or a cloth to create static
  • Tilt the balloon in all directions until the confetti is dispersed