Blush Sixteen 24" Latex Balloon w/ Confetti, 1ct

Blush Sixteen 24" Latex Balloon w/ Confetti, 1ct

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Fill this latex balloon with helium and shake to wake white, black, and pink confetti. The translucent balloon features the headline "Sweet Sixteen!" in gold script at the front . Attach a string to tie it down or add it to a beautiful balloon bouquet for an eye-catching arrangement.

Blush Sixteen 24" Latex Balloon w/ Confetti product details:

  • 24in tall when fully inflated
  • Latex and tissue paper
  • Helium available (locally in-store only) for additional cost

Float Time:

  • 48 hours with Hi-Float Treatment
  • 24 hours without Hi-Float Treatment

Tips for inflating confetti balloons:

  • Inflate the balloon with air to your desired size
  • If using helium, partially fill the balloon leaving room for a few puffs of air to finish it off
  • Rub the outer surface of the balloon with your hands or a cloth to create static
  • Tilt the balloon in all directions until the confetti is dispersed